Siren Design Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd // Corporate

Penny Sloane
Place making
PwC Experience Centre, Singapore
JustCo Marina Square, Singapore
JustCo AIA Tower, Bangkok

PwC South East Asia Consulting does not merely talk about employing human-centred design but built their Experience centre upon its principles, with every space purposefully designed and equipped with user-friendly technology to encourage a range of capabilities. JustCo is championing the movement of the sharing economy with their co-working spaces, which is keenly focused on encouraging collaborations to boost innovation and productivity. JustCo @ Marina Square combines retail and co-working elements within the same space and community by having a marketplace for members with booths available to showcase their products. Their project at AIA Tower was challenging to design as JustCo’s first coworking centre in Bangkok but Siren Design maintained the essence of the JustCo brand while representing local vendors.