Lionsbot International Pte Ltd // Corporate

Dylan Ng
Object making
Leobot Scrub/Lionsbot
Leobot ScrubXL/Lionsbot
Leobot Map/Lionsbot

Lionsbot designs and manufactures professional cleaning robots in Singapore that are exported globally. The Leobot Floor Cleaning Family features cleaning robots that are not only effective and easy-to-use but affordable for professional users and deployable in teams. Each robot is interactive: the public can scan the robot’s QR code to load a web-app and ask it questions. Both the Leobot Scrub and Leobot ScrubXL are suited to clean public areas, with the latter capable of cleaning larger spaces. The Leobot Map is a specialized mapping vehicle to create detailed maps to facilitate the operations of the Scrub and Scrub XL.