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Virginia Lung
Place making
Hubei Qianjiang Golden Bridge Mall Cinema
Shanghai Bfc Bona Cinema
Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema
Wuhan Wushang Mall Cinema 9f
Yoho Mall Chow Tai Fook Experience Shop

Monochrome is not boring: the gallery-like Hubei Qianjiang Golden Bridge Mall Cinema proves this by complementing the colour scheme with simple but uniquely arranged furniture for maximum dramatic effect and nostalgia. For Shanghai Bfc Bona Cinema, the designer drew inspiration from traditional European architecture and used the boldĀ  orange-brown Rojo Alicante marble all over the interior for an elegant and timeless effect. The rail used for stabilizing tracking shots is adopted as the theme of the Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema, with copper tubes weaved into the furnishings and in contrast to the black flamed granite tiles wall and flooring. Wuhan Wushang Mall Cinema 9F captures the rotating motion of film reels with huge round wooden plates suspended from the ceiling that subtly divides the space for different uses. Jewellery is often associated with celebrations, which is why Yoho Mall Chow Tai Fook Experience Shop utilised the concept of the gift box to convey the sense of joy regardless when presenting or receiving jewellery.