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In 1985 when the very first .com was registered and the UK made its first mobile call, Sedgwick Richardson took its first step into the world of branding and design. From these humble origins in London, our brand’s pedigree in British design took shape and prepared us for the journey ahead. In 1991, we ventured to Hong Kong when the Union Jack was still raised on the territory and forged relationships with leading companies many of which last till today. In 2000, we started our operations in Singapore. As China’s growth gained momentum, 2012 saw our brand launch in Shanghai. And in 2014, with Myanmar’s doors wide open to the world, we took a step into Yangon, only to find telecommunications very much as they were back in the UK in the eighties. While much has changed in the last three decades, our knowledge of Asia and the relationships we have built over these years have inspired our people and kept us thirty years young.