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Minh Luu
Image making
Human Resource (HR) Chatbot Instructional Video
Siam Commercial Bank (SCB): KYC Video
Beauty and Travel Retail Journey Map

The Human Resource (HR) Chatbot Instructional Video series’ bite-size, animated contents attracted the target audience of office workers who have a busy schedule with their daily operational activities and engaged them in using new digital tools within the client organisation. The implementation of Blockchain into Siam Commercial Bank’s Know Your Customer (KYC) system may have been complex, but this process was transformed into a simple and meaningful visual narrative that showcased the bank’s evolution into one of the “cutting edge banks” in the country today. To understand the digital transformation within the travel retail market, the IBM Design Thinking framework was applied to the Beauty and Travel Retail Jounrey Map for the client to understand existing gaps and understand the range of new potential value propositions offered by IBM.