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Bernard Lee
Place making
Three Dimensional Tapestry
Forage in the Mangrove
One Surin Cluster House
Bespoke Hotel
Traces of the Past

Three Dimensional Tapestry and Forage in the Mangrove are architecture for a luxury resort that successfully expresses cultural sensitivities, tropical design principles and enhancement of biodiversity while forming the basis of design language for the resort’s future renewal efforts. The former is a reception pavilion where guests can enjoy the seaview upon arrival and be exposed to the indigenous culture through the local motifs embedded in the pillars. Forage in the Mangrove is a dining terrace within the greenery so that guests take away more than just an enjoyable meal, but also a greater awareness of the natural habitat. Despite the busy nature of its surroundings, ONE SURIN is an enclosed villa sanctuary defined by a continuous terraced waterscape and lush lands. Faced with the design issue of wanting to create the best spatial experience on a limited budget, the Bespoke Hotel uses 3 stratum of vertical space of contrasting materiality to maximise the visual dynamism. Traces of the Past is a refurbished shophouse that expresses the duality of the past and present by taking real tangible elements of the old and reincarnating them in modern spaces.