0932 Design Consultants // Corporate

Low Chee Khiang
Place making
Nassim Mansion
Martin 38 ii

The residential project at the 42-year-old Nassim Mansion adopted an open floor plan and a simple yet luxurious interior design to achieve usability and fluidity in this timeless space. Inspired by renowned architect Kerry Hill’s original austere industrial aestheticism, Martin 38 ii fused the beauty of raw concrete and natural timbre, juxtaposing it against a backdrop of polished glass, refined fixtures and contemporary furniture. Dawson maximised interaction and visual connectivity in its double volume living area by adopting an open plan layout and using interior treatments to segregate spaces. The Corals at Keppel Bay demonstrates how¬† practical design can be achieved even in an irregular and non-geometrical space with a contrasting materiality treatment to define volume, linear plans and curves.