Finalists 2022

Finalist 1Young Changemakers!

Young Changemakers!

By Liu Liwei, Glyph Community Limited

The team believes that for actionable change to take place, we have to educate and increase awareness of the issue at hand. Through the course of this 12-week programme, participants (aged 7 to 12 years old) will learn about sustainability and food security in the local context, and why we

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Finalist 2Semula To A Dying Industry

Semula To A Dying Industry

By Sok Leng, Semula Pte Ltd

In affluent Singapore, many tend to spare little notice to the things around them, and we buy and throw without a second thought. Big opportunity here to implement some facets of a circular economy, seeing the large amount of waste being generated locally. Some ideas include working with the community

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Finalist 3EMBRACE!


By Chio Wen Tian, Chio Architects

The premise of this project stemmed from a far-sighted concern on the MRT system. Mindful about the implications the fixed corridors created by the network of on-grade MRT tracks have on our city when WFH becomes the norm, how can design spark online or physical conversations/collaborations to rejuvenate our community

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Finalist 4Scratchbac – A Proximity-based Social Media Platform

Scratchbac – A Proximity-based Social Media Platform

By Team Scratchbac

A proximity-based Social Media Platform, this project helps users create meaningful connections within their reach. The key problem that it addresses is "Social Exclusion", we live in a world with technology connecting us to the rest of the world but we know nothing much about the people staying next door.

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