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RICE Media
The Singapore Architect
Cosmic Child—Blue
Seeing The Kites Again

A journalistic site with ambitious content and a goal of shaping perspectives for a broad audience, RICE provides a seamless online reading experience complemented by little easter eggs hidden on the site to trigger curiosity and animated graphics to subtly extend the brand.  Porcelain’s new visual identity befits its philosophy of paring things down with only necessary elements kept in its logo and Oriental-style brand motifs to subtly reflects its Asian origin. Returning to its craft-based roots while transforming into ‘the architect’s magazine’, The Singapore Architects endorses the language of architects without intimidating its broad readership through its attention-grabbing but complementary editorial design. Seeing The Kites Again commemorates renowned artist Wu Guangzhong who donated generously to the National Gallery (Singapore) with a book design that portrays his vision, philosophy and story without overpowering the actual works.