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Nigel Geh
GenesisCare - Cancer Service of the Future
Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital
Mobile Health Monitoring

Philips Design is committed to assess the patient experience at GenesisCare and crafted a multi-step roadmap that establishes immediate steps to take to elevate patient care and initiate long-term advancements to develop GenesisCare as the choice provider of cancer care in Australia. Philips Design reviewed and provided the design direction for the new Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital facility, the largest first-of-its-kind, cardiology hospital in Southern China  that fulfils the clinical, functional and emotional needs of patients, their family and healthcare providers. Philips Mobile Health Monitoring (MHM) is a community-based health monitoring service platform that measures key health vitals to identify and manage high-risk individuals, providing the community with enhanced care to screen for health deterioration.