Brandcourage // Corporate

Chew Kok Hsiung
Brand development for Manta Air
Brand development for NEXT Hotels
Brand development for Pure Senses
Brand development for Shoppes at Four Seasons Place
Brand development for Sage Hotels

Brandcourage crafted a range of brand identities for its clients to outshine their competitors in their respective industries. Manta Air’s brand design reflected its aim to improve domestic air travel in the Maldives through its ‘tropical chic’ concept and its environmental advocacy by featuring the manta ray as the master logo. Pure Senses’ brand transformation presented itself as the go-to store for premium fragrances suited to living spaces and developed a multi-sensory experience at the multi-label store. Brandcourage used high-fashion concepts to capture the luxurious style of the Shoppes at Four Seasons Place and excite upmarket retail players about this new shopping destination in Kulau Lumpur. Sage Hotels’ marketing strategy focused on the hotel chain’s expert knowledge of and support of local communities so that customers receive an authentic experience whenever they stay with Sage Hotels.