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Prakriti Parijat
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DBS Pre-login
Financial GPS

As its customers increasingly conduct their financial matters online, DBS is already one-step ahead in providing quality and innovative service on digital platforms. First impressions matter to DBS customers so a fresh, iconic and, above all, safe pre-login experience was created to focus on customers’ primary task of accessing their money and digital banks. DBS PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet application that makes it easy to pay anyone and redesigned to suit social settings and integrate the application into users’ lifestyle. DBS Lifestyle is a cards companion app for customers to instantly redeem rewards and access exclusive promotions that are suggested by learning from customers’ spending habits. The Financial GPS feature on DBS online banking platforms enables customers to plan and achieve their desired financial goals by adopting an expense tracker and a visual representation of the SAIL (Savings, Assurance, Investments, Life Goals) framework .