UPSTAIRS_ // Corporate

Dennis Cheok
The N.Tyler Flagship Boutique
The Seafront Apartment
The Crate Apartment
Ply House
Empty Vessels

A common theme underlying UPSTAIRS_ ‘s innovative designs is reinvention. Inspired by the British artist Damien Hirst, N.Tyler ’s first flagship boutique reconfigured the most quintessential space in a Savile Row house with dissected tables and pedestals paired with truncated legs. The Seafront Apartment is a contemporary re-interpretation of the “rusticated” resort aesthetics – an exercise in evoking the spirit of tropical interiors through a layered choreography of textures, material form, and graphic patterns. A wooden box placed in the heart of the Crate Apartment defined the capacious open floor into a series of intimately connected living spaces. In Ply House, a family home finds new life through an external facade built with 100-year-old Chinese clay bricks and an internal four-storey stack of diverse spatial environments. Empty Vessels is an unassuming series of stackable objects culled from drinking vessels: the chinese teacup, the local kopi-peng and the high-design wine goblet.